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Letterboxing Code of Conduct

Letterboxing, traditionally, is said to ‘have no rules’—a misconception at best. Letterboxing has no central governing body to establish an official set of rules, but guidelines and conventions have been established to help keep the peace and order—as with any hobby with thousands of participating members. Some guidelines and conventions have even become so sacred that they have morphed into rules, though no method exists to enforce them. In a nutshell, letterboxing does have rules, guidelines, and conventions, and those that choose to break them tend to find themselves un-liked, ostracized, and alone.

Historically, Letterboxing North America has set the defacto standard that most letterboxers use today. The rules and guidelines are based on a combination of Dartmoor’s lore and history, common sense, and attention to the environment.

  1. Code of Conduct Introduction
  2. Leave No Trace
  3. Safety: Part I
  4. Safety: Part II
  5. Security
  6. Respect
  7. Pets