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Letterboxing Glossary: R

recycled stamp
A stamp that was used for a box, then re-used for another entirely different box and therefore may show up in more than one listing. This is especially common when a stamp was created for an LTC or postal then it is converted into another type of box after serving its primary purpose.
reserved box
A reserved box on Atlas Quest is an outdated term that refers to unpublished boxes. You’ve started listing the box, but it has not yet been officially launched for the world to see. Some people might use it for a list of the stamps they’ve carved but have yet to plant‐a to-do list of sorts.
A retired letterbox is one that is no longer available and will not be replaced—at least not for the foreseeable future. Any letterbox listed as unavailable will automatically be changed to retired if it hasn’t been replaced within one year.
rock stashing

Rock stashing is a fun outdoor activity that combines elements of orienteering, letterboxing, earth caching, and old fashioned treasure hunting. It is easy to get started. Stashing is inexpensive, family-friendly, healthy, and best of all it is environmentally safe.

It’s a lot like letterboxing, except instead of hiding boxes, we hide rocks. Environmentally friendly, beautiful rocks. You can paint them (with non-toxic, environmentally-safe paint), or if you aren’t the artistic type, just leave a particularly noteworthy rock for others to find. Perhaps it’s uniquely shaped, or a rare type of rock for the area. In urban areas, if you paint the rock, it should only be on the bottom side of the rock so others will not discover it by accident.

To learn more about rock stashing, visit the Rock Stashing board, or visit the official Rock Stashing New England website.

Another term for leg.
Short for Read The F***ing Manual, usually in response to a question that could have easily been answered by a quick look through the documentation.