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Letterboxing Glossary: E

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A hobby related to letterboxing and geocaching, but with no physical box found at the end. Instead, they provide an electronic card on the Internet that may be printed out and stored in a logbook. Normally, I’d send you to, but it seems to be broken, and has been for quite some time. *shrug*
An E-count is the number of events a letterboxer has attended, and is often discussed as part of one’s PFXE-count. Most letterboxers do not give this number as great of weight as the more tradionally counted PFX-counts.
When two letterboxers meet face-to-face, either on the trail or at an event, they often do an exchange. No, that’s not a drug deal! They’ll stamp each other’s signature stamps into each other’s logbooks—proof positive that you met each other.
extreme ironing
An exciting new sport many letterboxers like to follow that combines “the thrill of an extreme outdoor sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” Unlike cheese racing, only those people who choose to participate are in danger of suffering grievous injuries, so it tends to be less controversial.
An organized, well-publicized meeting of letterboxers. Usually one person is in charge of carving an event stamp to commemorate the occasion. Events are also called gatherings.
event stamp
An event stamp, sometimes called an event box, is a stamp or box brought to an event or gathering for just the duration of the event. Many event stamps are tabletop boxes, but an event stamp generally won’t have clues, may not have a logbook, and will only be available for the duration of the event or perhaps the day or two after the event has ended.
Two letterboxers that swap images of their signature stamps after bumping into each other on the trail, on the street, or at an event.