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Atlas Quest

Getting Started With Letterboxes

You don’t need much to start a rewarding hobby in letterboxing. To start finding your first letterboxes, you’ll want to carry the following items:

If you ask around, you’ll find plenty of other suggested items to take with you. A cell phone for emergencies or to ‘phone a friend’ if you have a question about a clue, for instance. For longer hikes, you’ll likely want a few snacks and water. Maps of the area can certainly be your friend. Depending on the season, insect repellent might be considered one of the ‘10 essentials.’ These types of items are important, but none of them are directly related to letterboxing. Consider where you’ll be traveling, your skill level, and pack appropriately.

Use Leave No Trace principles while looking for a letterbox. You should not have to dig around or trample vegetation to retrieve a letterbox. Keep your wits about you. Don’t walk off a cliff because you had your nose stuck in a clue. Pay attention to where you’re going so you can retrace your steps back if you have to. Most clues will not give directions for returning to the trailhead.

When you find a letterbox, stamp the rubber stamp found in the letterbox into your personal logbook, and sign and use your signature stamp in the logbook in the letterbox. Congratulations! You’re now a letterboxer!