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  1. Central Oregon Land Manager Policies, as collected by

Central Oregon Land Manager Policies, as collected by

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This document is a work in progress. The guidelines presented here are not enforced by or the site administration of If you find a cache in violation of the policies of the appropriate land management agency, please contact the cache owner directly.

General Guidelines
Please become familiar with the guidelines at prior to placement of any geocaches.

Bend Metro Park and Recreation District
No restrictions although we should avoid riparian areas next to the Deschutes River and Tumalo Creek. (bigeddy)

Newberry National Volcanic Monument
The monument is administered by the Deschutes National Forest as a multi-use recreation area and is not restricted like a wilderness. I was told that geocaches are generally permitted. In special areas like Lava River Cave, Lava Cast Forest and Lava Butte we should call the Visitor Center for permission or just avoid the areas. (bigeddy)

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Public Lands
The BLM supports geocaching on most of the land it administers except for specific areas that have been identified as sensitive (such as archaeological sites, caves, stock and wildlife waterers, and endangered species habitat). Its policies are mostly contained in area management plans. For much of Central Oregon the Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan provides guidance. Many BLM Special Management Areas have restrictions including Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), Research Natural Areas (RNA), Wild and Scenic Rivers (WSR), Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) and caves. Of special interest to us are the Badlands WSA (17 cache limit) and Steelhead Falls WSA (3 cache limit).

Note that the Plan defines geocaching as "leaving any items on BLM administered lands for the purposes of posting or advertising the approximate location of those items for others to find." So, the policy by definition includes TerraCaches, letterboxes and similar physical containers but not virtual caches. The Plan implies that if either WSA is designated as a wilderness then caches will be banned.

Another document of interest is this March 2005 memo from the BLM regarding geocaching that expired in 2006 but is the last known general policy and appears to still be in use.

GovBigDawg (aka Gavin Hoban, BLM Recreation Planner) also posts on a regular basis with information regarding seasonal closures of various BLM areas. Click here for a list of his posts.

State Parks
The following information is directly from central oregon state parks management (thanks to logscaler):

Wilderness Areas
The following information is from the local Forest Service wilderness ranger, for the South Sister area (thanks to bigeddy):

Short version: No physical caches in the wilderness

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