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  1. What are boxing buddies?

What are boxing buddies?

A boxing buddy is a small mascot, usually a small stuffed animal, complete with its own signature stamp and logbook, to travel with you and share in your letterboxing adventures. Sometimes folks like to pretend that they are actually real. This is very fun (especially for kids) and can be a nice way to introduce them to letterboxing.

The log books for buddies vary greatly. Some are very simple and just held together with rings; others have pictures and history and are more"scrapbookie" in nature. Some people stamp right into the buddy's log and others cut out the images that were stamped on the trail and paste them in with some details about the find and perhaps a picture too! You have to remember that the buddy's owner is boxing vicariously through the buddy, so add as much information as possible.

It is also good idea to post the finds on the buddy's page so the owner can follow where he has been. Some buddies have a webpage where you can post your activities and pictures too. The owner will advise you about this.

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