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Letterboxing Glossary: V

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Virtuals are a slippery term to describe 'online letterboxes.' The term 'virtual letterbox' is rather an oxymoron at this point since most virtuals don't even use rubber stamp images anymore, but you'll still sometimes referred to it as a box for historical reasons. Most virtuals require a Google search to find an answer to a question, but they may also require you to explore a website or search a scene for the solution. Other virtuals may have a physical component to them that requires visiting a specific location in the real world to answer the question online. They're a slippery bunch of characters since new twists are continually being created. To learn more about virtuals, join the Virtuals Group.

virtual cootie

Cooties are one thing. Virtual cooties are created spontaneously when someone (person A) lightly tugs the back of someone else's jacket or shirt (person B) to make them think a cootie was planted on them. There was never a real cootie involved, but person B starts to feel around on their back for the non-existent cootie, ask others to remove the cootie, or even take off their jacket to search it themselves—much to the delight and hilarity of person A (and cohorts).