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Letterboxing Glossary: 1

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100 Club
100 Club Badge

This Dartmoor term refers to an informal club that does not exist. Confusing, yes. Letterboxers on Dartmoor who have found at least 100 letterboxes are issued a membership card, and once they have reached this plateau, they become eligible to purchase the official book of Dartmoor clues (updated twice a year) and a patch to show off their accomplishment (as seen in the photo on the right). Since clues are generally restricted to those letterboxers who have at least 100 finds, most people scavenge to get their first 100 finds on Dartmoor.

Atlas Quest has expanded on this strange Dartmoor custom by allowing those who plant letterboxes to restrict the clues to several different levels including the 1 Club, 10 Club, 25 Club, 50 Club, 100 Club, 250 Club, 500 Club, and the 1000 Club. Members on Atlas Quest at the 25 Club level or higher also make it into the Hall of Fame.