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Atlas Quest 2006 Letterboxing Calendar

As a wise man once said, those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. On a happier note, those who learn history are often pleased to repeat it as well. Here are the winners of the 2006 calendar, plus some commentary about why I selected them. It might help you in deciding what pictures to take and submit. =)

Cover Page

This picture was mostly for the colors. I do like the dramatic cliff on the right side, which pops out even more when you notice the person standing at the base. That's actually Amanda from Seattle, in case you're curious. =) But this is a great example of how to use people in your photos to help emphasize the landscape. In this case, to show how tall the cliff is. There's also a person in the February photo if you look closely enough which helps to show the vastness of the area around him.


This picture is a great winter photo with all that snow covering the trees, but the color of the mostly-covered flag peaking through was very effective, I thought. Kind of like a black-and-white photo with a spot of color that draws the eye in. And despite the fact that the flag is mostly covered by the snow-covered tree, it's still highly recognizable. Very well done!


I was desperate for a winter picture, and really couldn't have any. This photo did have snow in it, however, which put it a step ahead of the others. I'd have preferred to use it for a spring photo, but beggars cant be choosers. *shrug* I do like the small guy in the middle with his arms outspread just to the right of the bridge. Gives the rest of the picture a vastness it otherwise wouldn't have.


This picture is actually a letterbox clue—which immediately gives it an edge over most other photos. Though it's difficult to see in this photo, the location of the letterbox is marked with the AQ logo of the chick holding the world on its shoulders. Very clever, indeed!


Spring brings flowers, but I didn't have any good flower photos, so I settled for brilliant green with clear blue skies instead. =) The simplicity of the background really brings the trees and rocks into sharp focus.


I figured one really nice seashore photo would be a nice addition, and this one seemed like an interesting seascape option.


This photo appealed to me since it was outside of the states, but relatively easy to access. I also like that emerald blue color of the water, especially in contrast to the dark blue waters of the previous month.


Most photos don't really focus on the man-made structures, but I do like variety and this one did have an outdoorsy feel around the structure. It's a pleasing photo, and the kind of thing you'd likely be able to find in anyone's figurative backyard.


Besides being a neat-looking tower, the thing that really caught my attention to this photo was the lighting. The glow you'll find that lights up the surroundings near sunrise or sunset. Most photos will always look best if taken near sunrise or sunset, and this photo is exhibit A.


I didn't have many autumn photos, so when I found myself in Indiana shortly before creating the calendar, I saw this view and had to use it for the calendar. Not only are the trees so colorful, but you can even see that in the reflection against the water.


This photo just screamed October! to me. Photos with a strong "sense of month" are hard to come by, and this one is dripping with it. The light is very good too with those long, dark shadows—probably taken not long after sunrise.


I took this photo shortly after my grandfather's death—it's an old trailer that was in his backyard. My grandfather never threw anything away, as the calendars from the 1960s or the telephone book for Indianapolis in October of 1976 proves. My task was to clear out this trailer full of junk and burn it. Which I did over two exhausting days. Afterwards, while working on a second circus wagon (not visible in this photo), I noticed charming old-fashioned look shortly after the sun rose and the rest, as they say, is history. =)


December is the start of winter and usually a pretty cold month, and I wanted to find a winter picture to show this. I didn't find a good winter picture, but because this photo is so dark, it gives that same cold feel to it like the snow in January's photo did. And I'm a sucker for a pretty sunset. =)