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Project X: Letterboxing Calendar

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Project X was the codename for the first letterboxing calendar. Only premium members were informed of its upcoming creation, and only premium members could submit photos for consideration in the calendar. Those days are past, but the letterboxing calendar continues. Do you have photos you think people would like to look at for a month at a time? Do you think that special photo you took would look great in a calendar? If so, submit it for inclusion.

Update: I used to give out a free calendar for each person who's photo I used. For the 2015 calendar, I will be discontinuing this practice. As the cost of the calendar continues to increase and the number of people buying them decreases, it's putting me in the hole. I'll send something special to those whose photos I use, although I haven't figured out what as of yet. A patch? A book? A few months for a free premium membership? I don't know yet.... but I'll do something for those whose photos are selected. It just won't be a free calendar anymore. Sorry about that, but I just can't afford it anymore!

Here's some thoughts to consider about your submissions:

So what are you waiting for? Get those snow shots before the snow melts! Get those wildflower displays before the spring peak ends! Start keeping your eyes open for sunsets, interesting angles, and alpenglow.

Happy trails!

— Ryan