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Virtual Solutions Help

Virtuals, for a long time, have been a murky little business. In the past, they required the creator of a virtual to create a webpage. The person trying to solve it would use the clues to determine the correct URL to type in that would take him or her to the 'success page.' Otherwise, you'd usually get a 404 file not found error.

So primitive, and it meant that only people who had their own website could create virtuals. Atlas Quest has brought virtuals into the 21st century by allowing you to host your solutions directly on Atlas Quest.


The passkey is the code that someone solving your virtual letterbox must figure out. It can be from 1 to 50 letters and/or numbers. Spaces and punctuation are not allowed. Your clue must allow someone to figure out the passkey since they will not be able to 'find' the virtual letterbox without it.

Success Message

Some people like to add a message about the virtual letterbox, or to congratulate someone for figuring it out, or to post the solutions to all of the questions from the clue. Whatever you use this space for, this is where you can include your success message—only to be displayed to people who have successfully solved your virtual letterbox. Or leave it blank if you have nothing to say. Simple HTML codes can be used to mark up the text, such as those used on the message boards.

Stamp Image

All letterboxes have a stamp associated with it, and virtuals are no exception. In this case, however, it's a virtual stamp. Upload an image that finders of your virtual letterbox can print out as proof of their find. It can be an image of a hand-carved stamp, or it can be a digital image you created with Paint Shop Pro. Whatever you choose, an image is required and will only be displayed when someone successfully figures out your passkey.