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There's not much to explain on this page. Enter the names of each letterbox in your series and the current status of the letterbox. Some special characters are not allowed as part of the name of the letterbox, but all letters and numbers certainly are.

Box Status

Since this website also acts as an online logbook, old boxes that do not exist anymore are common and never need to be deleted. But since most people are interested in boxes that are alive and waiting to be found, you can specify the status of the boxes to include in your search.

active An active box means that, as far as the owner or author of the letterbox knows, the box is alive and well ready for visitors
unavailable A box marked as unavailable means the owner or author of the letterbox knows the box is gone or inaccessible—regardless of the reason—but someday it will be replanted
retired A retired box not only is unavailable, but the owner of the box never intends to replant it either
unknown An unknown status means just that—the owner or author of the letterbox has been unable to confirm the status of the box. It's probably been reported missing by someone, but nobody has been able to confirm if the box truly is missing or if the letterboxer just missed the box