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Read Thread: The Critics and Questioners

Re: The Critics and Questioners
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Reply to: #59856 by Kirbert
Dec 31, 2006 12:26pm
Quote The list of little notes that must be included in the clues is getting longer and longer. While for the most part that works, the problem I have with it is when your clues deliberately don't look like letterbox clues, they look like some random web page. For example, with my "My Fishing Trip to Lake Miccosukee", when you click on "click here for clue" you're taken directly to this page:

I think you'd agree, having a paragraph describing whether hitchhikers will fit in this box, and another paragraph clarifying whether the stamp image is suitable for small children, and a paragraph explaining whether or not you'll respond to questions about more info would all detract from the intended look and feel of this clue set.

That's basically why I'd like as much of this info as possible to be conveyed by icons; it allows the clues to be as cryptic or unusual as desired without depriving finders of some basic information that they might need.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that anyone should HAVE to put anything in their clues. I only made that suggestion because it might make things easier for the planter who was having to deal with people asking for spoon-feeding on the clues. My motivation was to spare her (I think the original poster was female:-) some frustration, hoping that people would be forewarned that they would not receive an answer if they asked for a ridiculous amount (or any if the planter wishes for people to rely solely on her clues) help. This suggestion was entirely meant for the planter's benefit, not the finder's.

As far as icons are concerned, if there is a need by a particular planter to use a larger number of icons than are available on AQ, they could host their clues on their own web page with a series of icons which they themselves have created, and then just include a key as to what those icons mean. There are already some planters who link to their own web pages (Springchick comes to mind), and if you are using your own pages, you have total control of icons, content, format, everything. That would give you the benefit of using whatever icons you like, with the added convenience of having things linked to AQ and/or LbNA. The best of both worlds, for those who want to use a large number of icons with their clues.

Pied Piper