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Read Thread: marked as retired but inactive

Re: marked as retired but inactive
Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!
Reply to: #52682 by Kirbert
Nov 25, 2006 10:10am
Quote If you don't know where the flippin thing is, the status should be "Unknown". If it's been confirmed that it's not there, it's "Missing". To my mind, the only differences between "Missing" and "Retired" are that A) "Missing" means you're kinda hoping that whoever took it might bring it back, and B) "Retired" means you definitely will not be getting out there and replacing the box with a new one.

no..."unknown" means you have not went out there yet to confirm if it's missing but it may be...etc

"missing" is when you know it's missing and don't know have any idea where it is

if you have confirmed it and you know it's missing then you naturally don't know where it is...
then that means it's NOT unknown if it's missing or not... cause you do know it's missing.
so if you's not UN-known


each of the words are self-explanatory to me or even to newbies.
if you were brand new to AQ today how would you interpret the words?
what does the word unknown everyday life?
what does missing mean in everyday life?
who should believe the words mean something different on AQ or anywhere else.
I do know what the WORDS mean ;)
some things are common sense and shouldn't need to be re-learned in accordance to different websites, locales or hobbies etc.

dixie -
who was pretty good with vocabulary and the understanding of words...
especially in comparison to math skills.
I stunk at math...and still do.
Re: marked as retired but inactive
Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!
Reply to: #52715 by Alien Invasive Insects
Nov 25, 2006 11:04am
Quote I think an easy solution to all the different perspectives could be to just create another topic, such as: Needs Maintenance.

to me that is the same as saying needs first aide...which to me means that you need someone ELSE to help out and render first aide.

the opposite of active is inactive...
if we had another topic then it seems clear it should be "nactive" and that is what I had asked about...could we have an inactive...if not then we just have to choose if we want to say it's retired or missing or in need of first aide and to me all of those things are open to interpretation...inactive means one thing and doesn't need interpreting.