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Fun Day
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Jul 9, 2011 3:52pm
My plan today was to get some stuff done around the house, catch up with Gypsy Ladybug and CookieCutter then come home and eventually put my desk together. You know what they say about plans. The girls and I got some chinese for lunch then after we got a couple of boxes they were nice enough to go with me to get a couple I didn't have yet. All that chinese food and letterboxing in the hot sun made me one tired girl. I think my face is sunburnt too. I think I am postponing my date with the desk until tomorrow morning. It's a small price to pay for a fun day! Thanks GLB and CC!
Re: Fun Day
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #619865 by Loopie
Jul 9, 2011 5:22pm
My To-Do list is still waiting as well. We were enjoying ourselves too much today to worry about chores.

It was hot - but a beautiful day to be out. We were more than happy to go with you to the letterboxes. Plus, we were first to find on two new ones today! That's always a bonus.

Thanks for a fun day!
I hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend as well.