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Read Thread: Idol - Major SPOILER and RANT

Re: Idol - Major SPOILER and RANT
Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Reply to: #497802 by Nite Momith
Mar 12, 2010 3:48am
Last night was totally insane on Idol! I thought I had a pretty good grip on who was leaving this week and I was so wrong!!!

Alex I was worried about, not because of his voice, but the poor thing was scared to death on stage. I really felt for him when he had to perform his farewell song. But seriously, can we get over Andrew singing "Straight Up"? I'm so sick of hearing that one! I thought little Aaron would be leaving this week, but I was so wrong.

But seriously, they got rid of LILY and kept Katie??!! There was NO contest there. Insane, I tell ya. . .

That blew me totally away! I knew Katelyn was a goner (please don't screw up Carole King) but thought Katie would go with her. Never in a million years did I think Lily would leave! She wasn't my favorite, but by far better than some that are still in.