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Read Thread: My all-time worst moment

Re: My all-time worst moment
Board: Why Did I Just Do That!?
Reply to: #449383 by Chedva
Oct 10, 2009 11:06pm
Don't feel too bad, you're not the only one that's ever done something like that! I am also horrible with names, somebody can tell me their name and 2 seconds later I'll already have forgotten, but be too embarrassed to ask again so soon.

A day after my son was born, I was on my way down the elevator to visit him in the NICU. First of all, another woman in the elevator asked me, "are you having your baby today?? Me too!" Umm... no... already had the baby! Tummy doesn't look normal again after one day! That was embarrassing for both of us. After I told her I already had the baby and was on my way to see him, she said, "congratulations! What's his name?"

My mind went blank. I just stared at her going, "it's.... uh.......... ummmm....." Finally my husband saved me and said, "his name is Kade." I felt like such a bad mother, couldn't even remember my own son's name! LOL