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by resQlouProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Why Did I Just Do That!?
what I did is got a FLAT key made (no bulky plastic on the top). I used a drill to make the hole in it a little bigger, then unscrewed the license plate and put the key on the screw behind the plate, then screwed it back in. it couldn't fall off, and...
by Green TortugaProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Why Did I Just Do That!?
I lock my keys frequently in the car. It happens at least once a year. I've locked the keys in my car once in my entire life. Definitely not something I do "frequently," but I did have an unusual way of getting the car unlocked. I was in a busy parking...
by koalacatProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Why Did I Just Do That!?
Good thing they did work for the car. While reading it I thought, oh no, they are going to be the keys for something else.
by K9s4LFProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Why Did I Just Do That!?
I once locked my keys in my car when in line for an oil change, ironically I told my friend with me to be sure to get your keys out of his car so he wouldn't lock them in and what do I do, yes lock my darn keys in the car! Talk about embarrassing.