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Re: Archive of Patches
Board: T-shirts! Patches! Paraphernalia!
Reply to: #360529 by jackbear
Mar 10, 2009 4:25pm
I was looking at the online collection again just yesterday! I love looking at the variety and getting ideas. That new southwest patch looks SHARP! I didn't vote for that design, but boy, it sure looks great as a patch.

I have a "collector" gene in me somewhere, not that I have all of these patches, I like to buy them after I "earn" them, but I love staring at this collection.

Thanks so much for taking on this endeavor! It is amazing!


You're welcome, jackbear. And, you're right... it IS kind of amazing. To be honest, this project sort of took on a life of its own. We had become the curators of a very special collection before we even realized that it WAS such a special collection! All the stars and planets (and letterboxers) were aligned just right, and it happened. Now that it's happened, I think we feel a certain amount of responsibility to keep it alive. But a lot of different people are responsible for making this collection what it is... not just us!

I'm like you... I have my own personal collection of patches that I've earned. I make a very clear distinction between "my" patches and the ones that are in the traveling archive (although I have personally donated some of "my" earliest patches to the archive, and have provided funds to purchase some of the others). But, as far as I'm concerned, the archive belongs to the letterboxing community... we just happened to stumble into a situation where we were able to help organize it and assume responsibility for taking care of it.