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Read Thread: First Time with New Sail

First Time with New Sail
Board: Boating, Paddling, and Stuff
Oct 14, 2008 5:02am
Well I have gone and bought a new mainsail for my Graduate dinghy. Sunday was the first oppotunity I had for trying it. When I arrived at the club visibility was probably not much more than 100 yards in fog and there was not a breath of wind. We all stood around and drank tea and coffee while trying to convince ourselves that conditions were improving. At one time some ripples were thought to herald some wind but hopes were dashed when a group of ducks appeared through the fog.

Finally the OOD reckoned it was good enough to sail the first race, a pursuit. About ten boats came to the start, including two Graduates both sailed single-handed. I got away cleanly on my gun and had an almost clear lake as only two others got to start before me. The new sail lived up to its promises and was very quick to power up in the gusts. I have always found the Grad a good boat in light conditions, the new sail made it superb. She seemed to point slightly higher and was quicker through the water. After two laps I was well established at the front of the fleet, and started lapping tail-enders after another. Come the final gun (we race 75 minutes for a pursuit) I was well ahead and gaining on a group that included Lasers! I found afterwards that the club should have changed my category in the handicap book and started me three minutes later but the OOD decided I was more than three minutes ahead of the fleet and the result should stand. My first win despite carrying a 20 point penalty for sailing single handed!

DM - Who is still pleased with himself!
Re: First Time with New Sail
Board: Boating, Paddling, and Stuff
Reply to: #295975 by Dilton Martian
Oct 14, 2008 9:26am
Yeah for you. new sails are great aren't they?

and worked for Hogin Sails