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Read Thread: Comedy Sportz Buffalo PWNED the Gerding!

Comedy Sportz Buffalo PWNED the Gerding!
Board: State: New York
Aug 2, 2008 10:18am
Okay, this SOUNDS more like a scene from "The Black Stallion: Director's Cut", but this is just to let everyone know that Buffalo won our match against the home team, Portland, OR, at the World Comedy Sportz Tournament! Our fearless leader had the creative forethought to make sure that he began our first game by saying (with a HUGE smile on his face that begged for mercy), "We of the Buffalo team just want to say how excited and proud we are to be playing against the Portland front of the Portland home audience...being judged by Portland judges! Coming in second place for a sporting event is JUST like being back home again...thanks Portland!" Then 10 of us in the upper balcony from Buffalo starting chanting "Let's Go Buffalo" while the rest of the audience clapped and cheered.

The cool thing was that with all the Portland references we made and all the great improv games we actually did on stage, we actually DID win the audience over without the fawning! When we won by one point, the whole theater was on its feet chanting "Let's Go Buffalo" with was Rocky IV (uh, without Russians or references to Philadelphia...or, maybe NOT like that, btu cool anyway!)