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Re: So...?
Board: State: Oregon
Reply to: #260441 by dorks anonymous
Aug 2, 2008 1:00am
Quote 1. We brought blueberries.
2. The Sprite is very funny and a good actor, and we hope to take her out for boxing fun this weekend.
3. We recruited more people for our Soapbrat (soapbox) race.
4. The ice cream was secondary to the chatting and exchanges.
5. We met many folks who were very cool including Green Army Man, Canon Strap, and other peeps.
6. We re-attained The Screaming Mimi and then re-got-rid-of-her (i.e., she'll be back in the area this fall for people who would like to board her this fall at Live and Breathe).
7. I dripped fudgecicle on the keyboard and am now done posting about ice cream.

My version (slightly longer):

1. I got into a van with women I did not know because they waved happily at me (which will force me to question EVERYTHING I KNOW about "stranger danger".
2. I arrived, only to find out that this Sprite chick was some kind of princess who made people wait in line to exchange with her, but for some reason, the Portland people think she's cool (no accounting for taste, I guess).
3. I did not shut up the whole time I was there.
4. I put Maiden on the phone so she could make fun of the highlander for the Batlander stamp, thus ensuring his participation in the festivities.
5. I did not shut up the whole time I was there.
6. I brought my stamp, which I used continuously from the moment I arrived until about 20 minutes before I left.
7. Seriously, I did NOT SHUT UP the whole time I was there.
8. I do not recall seeing ice cream, for my ink and stamp were my sustenance (plus two bites of brownie).
9. Also, I talked a lot.
10. I met many folks who were really cool whose names were...(blanks out)
11. I promised to go to the ocean and box with people, only to end up too busy to call them and make further commitment to said trip. I hope to go boxing this Sunday with Dem XX Men
12. I stayed up late and slackboxed with Buppsters & Marmalade, since I left my clues at home.
13. I ate a Scotch egg with hard cider (thanks to Bups and Marm for contributing to my delinquency).
14. I talked a HELL of a lot more!
15. I gave money to a bum who is supposed to be opening for the Black Crowes at their next concert.
16. I saw a 24 square inch park, and got the !@#$ scared out of me by a giant copper babe with a triton (Portlandia, you sly minx!)
17. I got drowsy and talked slightly less.
18. I got back to the hotel sometime around 1 am and CRASHED.

Still in Portland, but on someone else's computer. I'll cover the rest of the trip details when I get home! Thanks to Maiden, Buppsters and Marmalade, though for putting up with me and hauling me around all night!

The (up way late again...3:30am Buffalo time!) Sprite, sadly sans Highlander