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Board: State: North Carolina
Jul 11, 2008 12:51pm
A couple of weeks ago I posted a message about a bird that had taken up residence in one of my hubby's shoes. Finally! I have photos to share!

Mama Bird was a bit flighty in the beginning. But, she has become accustomed to our comings and goings and has settled in a bit. We are positive that there are eggs in the shoe. She pretty much stays inside the nest all the time. She stays tucked inside the shoe during bad weather and only pokes her head and beak out if there is a new strange noise that she can't identify.

We were really concerned about the shoe staying in place during our notoriously violent July storms but so far so good.

We are closely watching the one killer cat that we have. His name is Rowdy for a reason.

I had a close call with Rowdy on Wednesday. I went outside to take care of Baxter (the pink dog --- almost all pink is now gone!) and when I came back Rowdy had brought me a "present". It was a headless bird. I just knew he had gotten Mama Bird.

Of course, I had to bury the bird and say a few words over its little grave. Then, we went to see if there were eggs in the nest. I was a bit teary at this point --- I know it's all part of nature but darn it I was getting attached to seeing Mama stick her beak out of the shoe when I left for work and when I came home.

Jeff grabbed the back of the shoe and out came Mama Bird and buzzed his head! Wooooo Hooooo! Rowdy didn't kill her!!!!

Now, there is a new danger --- a snake! We found a small snakeskin clinging to the rocks of the porch step. GREAT!!! Just what I need -- a snake to take up residence around the porch.

Anyway, you guys can take a look at the photos of the nest and of Mama bird: