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Read Thread: TMBG before and after the show...

TMBG before and after the show...
Board: Musical Musings
Mar 13, 2008 9:45pm
Just got home from the show which was AMAZING! These guys have been creating music together for 25 years and they are still just as tight as always! FANTASTIC show! I danced by butt off and of course was wishing for more and more and more!

Wassa, I was gonna get you a bumper sticker, but the venue was not allowing their sales... Disney property and all... sorry... :o(

Speaking of which... funny story about Disney property...

So Andy and I quickly head out to the site after work with a bottle of our/MY fave beverage in tow, with plans to... well, slam as much of it as we could prior to showtime so that we might enjoy the show with the tiniest bit of a buzz (without paying 6.50 a glass!)
We both had about 1.5 "glasses" of vino chuckling to ourselves every time a Disney Security golf cart rolled by, as we were so risking getting busted! tee hee, right?
Well, after the 3rd golfcart whizzed thru our mostly abandoned corner of the parking lot, it was followed by 2 Disney Security cyclists who promptly flanked our vehicle!
Sh**! TRULY busted! Grrr! We were warned about Disney's "No Loitering in the Parking Lot" rule, then as they were turning to leave, Lady Security Cyclist caught a glimpse of the top of the bottle and shines her mini flaslight at it, asking if it was water or, better yet...
Grrrr! She dumped out the remainder of the swill, leaving the bottle on the curb so we wouldn't be harassed later about it (MY only thoughts were those of mourning which led to those of that glorious blue glass hitting the recycling bin at home where it should be!)
So, I guess it was cool of them not to call the REAL cops, but HOW LAME is that to be busted before the show by Mouse Patrol?! I mean come on! We pose no dangerous threat! We are a couple of 30 somethings in a volvo wagon. Jeesh!

Again, the show was fabulous! Wish all of you TMBG fans could have been there to enjoy it with us! The songs (3) that we left on the answering machine for MC have a very surreal quality about them, but you can definitely tell it's John and John! :o) Looking forward to their next tour!

lorax (who has learned to park in a less conspicuous part of the parking lot!)
Re: TMBG before and after the show...
Board: Musical Musings
Reply to: #198250 by lorax
Mar 13, 2008 9:49pm
Fantastic! I'm so pleased that you had such a good time. If only I could have been there for the busting! ;o)