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Read Thread: Flick. Flash. Light! Acccck! "A mouse!" "The cops!"

Flick. Flash. Light! Acccck! "A mouse!" "The cops!"
Board: State: New York
Mar 12, 2008 7:44am
Like a mouse caught with the cheese in the middle of the kitchen counter, the spotlight of publicity scares letterboxers to trembling, fright, and flight. This is so completely understandable. The very nature of letterboxing involves stealth and secrecy. For most that is a big part of the fun. So when someone turns on the light and stares right at us . . . Ackkkk!

But . . . run behind the toaster, take a deep breath, let your panic subside, go underground, and wait for the spotlight to move on. Past experience predicts you will find little or no damage from the sudden exposure.

I myself have been grossly guilty of both creating some publicity, hiding in questionable places, and fleeing in trembling fear when the spotlight hit me. Stunned by the "letterbox crook" scare of a couple years ago I retired a bunch of boxes and went into hiding. After a few months of no further incidents, I unretired the same boxes, replaced the one the crook destroyed, kept a few further hidden as "write for the clues" boxes, and whistled carefully on my way. No one here but us chickens. Whew.

I learned about the hobby from a front page cover article of The Washington Post Weekend section in 2002. Talk about a spotlight! Three or four more bright spotlights since, have not destroyed or harmed even stealthy urban boxing in this area. But no, I am not going to encourage publicity, only try to guide it when it is unavoidable.

If we do our jobs right with good planting and hiding, the effort will discourage casual vandals, and we will not attract the attention of the humorless authorities who have worse problems to pay attention to. Plant well away from kids' natural, exploring, curiosity. Avoid areas that are environmentally, security, or historically sensitive. Then we will stay under the radar and have great glee in doing so.

The Doubtful Guests

Who cheerfully denies any knowledge of hidden treasures.
"Sorry officer, my wife lost her keys."
Re: Flick. Flash. Light! Acccck! "A mouse!" "The cops!"
Board: State: New York
Reply to: #197216 by Scarab
Mar 12, 2008 9:25am