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Read Thread: Guilty Pleasure- Wideacre

Re: Guilty Pleasure- Wideacre
Board: Reading Room
Reply to: #8875 by DebBee
Oct 1, 2005 5:08am
that's pretty cool, I always want to get into a good romance, but find those covers so silly! Read the Outlander series and loved it but after that the few romances I've read I don't really like so much.

Re: Guilty Pleasure- Wideacre
Board: Reading Room
Reply to: #8875 by DebBee
Oct 1, 2005 11:49am
Quote I have a bunch of published friend, though, and can name drop with the best of them

Hey, Deb. Let's see you name drop! I'd like to know if you know any of my faves.

Knit Wit
Name dropping
Board: Reading Room
Reply to: #8888 by knit wit
Oct 1, 2005 1:31pm
Okay, let's see. People I can legitimately call friends:

Joan Johnston
Heather Graham Possessere
Linda Anderson (you may not have heard of her. She had a few books out some years ago and if you can get hold of them, they're wonderfu)
Marcia King-Gamble
Carol Stephenson (fairly newly published, only 2 or 3 books out so far, but many more coming!)
Patricia Lewin, aka Patricia Keelyn
Deborah Smith (wonderful Georgia writer!)
Debra Dixon (not writing too much anymore, but very darned good at it when she did)

I'm sure I'm missing a few, but those are the ones that spring readily to mind.

Now, people I've met once or twice, but who probably wouldn't remember me:

Nora Roberts
Jennifer Blake (very sweet and depressingly beautiful!)
Janet Evanovich
LaVyrle Spencer (even exchanged recipes with her once!)
Jayne Ann Krentz
Ann Maxwell (She and her husband led us on a tour of Seattle years ago. Great fun.)

Re: Romance Recommendation
Board: Reading Room
Reply to: #8883 by Splish Splash
Oct 1, 2005 10:56pm
Try Moonstruck Madness, Dark Before the Rising Sun and Chance the Winds of Fortune by Laurie McBain (it's a trilogy). I HAD to write a paper on these books in college for a course I was taking on Popular Culture. Reading Romance Novels and Watching Soap Operas for a semester, it was hard work! ;-) I really enjoyed them then, although I haven't read them in years (they are still on my shelf, perhaps I should include them in my current stack of "to read"s)

-Amanda (I've got a signed copy of Snow and Ashes winging it's way to me as we speak!)