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Read Thread: To Hood River Boxers

Re: To Hood River Boxers
Board: State: Oregon
Reply to: #113753 by Mystic Dreamer
Aug 1, 2007 12:41am
<I headed out there this evening but was unable to find them. (I was a little too shy to knock on every trailer door and say hi are you Don and Gwen?) I also felt like they might have been gone out to dinner, there were a couple of trailer that had no activity and no vehicels around the area that Kurious jo and Wood aug said that they might be. Kind of a let down but oh well.>

Oh, Mystic Dreamer, you were there! We missed you, darn it. We did go out to dinner that night. Having not met Don & Gwen before, I wasn't sure how they'd feel about giving out their site # and we didn't know which site we'd be in. As it turns out Don & Gwen are the dearest people and wouldn't have minded a bit!

And now that I read the thread, I see that you posted and I didn't check it. Next time I'll send you our cell number. Think I'll get creative about marking our RV more prominently too. Hmmmm . . .

As we were boxing, we kept finding DblTree's name in the log books dated the same day we were there! We didn't see her either.

Also, a friend of Don & Gwen's lives in Hood River, is a new convert and could use a letterboxing companion. Hope she signs up on the boards and gets connected with you all.

Kurious Jo

ps. Love the stamp in Gentle Touch!
Re: To Hood River Boxers
Board: State: Oregon
Reply to: #114456 by Kurious Jo
Aug 1, 2007 3:04pm
Quote you were there! We missed you

It happens, we will just have to try again. Hope you had fun boxing in the gorge.

Glad you liked the Gentle Touch stamp.

Mystic Dreamer