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Re: sig stamp on shirts etc
Board: T-shirts! Patches! Paraphernalia!
Reply to: #100663 by Dixie
Jun 16, 2007 1:37pm
Quote I would actually like to do more trailnames and sig stamp shirts etc. I find it rewarding.

I was given the gift of two "Warrior Woman" long sleeved thermal shirts last winter right before the Central MA Mid-Winter Gathering.

My beau (who supports my addiction ;-) got ahold of my letterboxing bag overnight and brought it to a friend of his who does silkscreening. They made several stamped images of my sig stamp, then he snuck my bag back into the trunk of the car.

She used wonderful soft soft soft thermal underwear type fabric - white, long sleeved.

One design was a big sig stamp impression on the front, and "Warrior Woman" in a handwritten font all down the left sleeve. The other design was "Warrior Woman" in a smaller handwritten font across the front and a big sig stamp impression on the back. Both were done in my trademark cranberry red pigment ink color (on a white background).

If you find making sig stamp shirt rewarding, I can tell you for a FACT that the recipient will consider it PRICELESS!

Warrior Woman
who now wears her own sig stamp shirt to winter gatherings, but still reserves Silent Doug's "Get A Clue" camisole for summer gatherings