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Board: Traditional Letterboxes
May 16, 2007 11:25pm
Hi Folks,
I'm trying to solve the puzzle in a letterbox clue (it's a Der Mad Stamper one) and having trouble with it. At first it seems like a straigt-forward 3gg6=eggs type puzzle but aparantly not. I'm not a puzzle whiz, obviously, or I wouldn't be asking this...

How do I go about solving this type of clue. Are there puzzle solving sites I can go to for help? (not wanting to post the clue anywhere, of course, just need some tips on how to proceed) I'd like to try solving it myself, so I'm looking for ways to research and work through it. Any suggestions?


Doc's Menagerie
Re: Puzzles
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Reply to: #92471 by Doc's Menagerie
May 17, 2007 10:42am
I've solved several of Der Mad Stamper's diabolical but totally satisfying puzzles and, while I wouldn't just give you the clue, might be able to assist. What's the name of the box?