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Read Thread: Psychic Kids Returns! 10 years later!

Psychic Kids Returns! 10 years later!
Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Mar 26, 2020 1:35pm
Ten years ago there was a show called Psychic Kids. The premise of the show was to pair two kids of roughly the same age to help work their psychic abilities. They would give the kids tasks to help them focus and learn how to use their gifts and to set boundaries with scary entities. I used to watch this show with my mom and we loved it!

Now A&E has rebooted this show, using the kids featured on the original show, now adults, to mentor and tutor a new generation of children going through the same thing. Having binged watched the entire first season, I seriously hoping for a second season, or 5th season depending on who is counting, lol. I truly enjoyed it.

The premise of this reboot is slightly different. Instead of have the kids come to a retreat, the mentors actually go the children’s home and mentor them there.
Personally, I liked having the kids meet another psychic kid to help them understand that they are not alone but no one asked me about this reboot.

Either way, if you remember this show, then I recommend this reboot. No Kitty Paws.

I would have liked to have watched the original show first and then the reboot but I did not know the original show is actually available. It is through Amazon Prime. But the reboot is through HULU.