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Read Thread: Bingo word - March 26

Bingo word - March 26
Board: Region: Great Lakes
Mar 26, 2020 4:24am
Today's word is an event. It's not an event I attended, but I could maybe struggle to come up with some rhymes about it. I decided not to, however, because I don't think any of you attended it either--none of you have it on your cards. Yup, it's a zero term, the fourth one I've called out of five zero terms total. Let's honor it with an anagram instead: BEHEAD BY YUCKINESS.

I - Disney! Buckeye Bash!

And that means we get a wild card today. Are you ready?

Wild Card - Split Rock Lighthouse (MN)

That happens to be another of my favorite lighthouses. I had a calendar showing it sitting atop its rocky cliff overlooking Lake Superior. When the calendar was done I saved the picture and thought how much fun it would be to see the lighthouse in person. And so in October of 2017, my husband and I drove up through the UP, across Wisconsin, north of Duluth, and toured the Split Rock Lighthouse. The funny thing is I thought we were going to a fairly remote location at an off-season time of the year, but there were actually tons of people all around. Turns out it was some Minnesota thing where all the schools are out for a couple of days and families all go on vacation, apparently to the North Shore.