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Read Thread: Thoughts on my 10th event???? OMG! Have I done 9 already?

Thoughts on my 10th event???? OMG! Have I done 9 already?
Board: State: California
Oct 8, 2019 10:08am
Thoughts on my 10th event????


Have I done 9 already?

Damn, it seems like just yesterday I hosted the most controversial event of them all!!! Not to mention it was my first event.


I have several ideas brewing, and I would like some feed back.
The top running options are:
1) With the permission and grace of the Mystery Machine: Oregon Trail: The Doomed Donner Party Event. Cannibalism, it’s starving thing.
2) A Murder Mystery. This would be similar to the Beast in the Woods event, where you collect evidence and piece together the crime. This event would also encourage cooperation and sharing information with other teams. I really love my secret theme for this idea. It would be great for Halloween.
3) A CLUE theme event. This one would entail cards. It would also encourage cooperation of all attendees though that’s optional and a possible escape room. I also super love the secret theme for this event.

If it’s the Doomed Donner Party, obviously close to Tahoe/Truckee area.
But if not, I would have to really consider other options, especially it was an escape room. So, Reno would be the likely choice.

Also, like location, timing, timing, timing is everything:
Here in Lassen County, the weather normally rains/snows to the first week in June, which is why I don’t host events in the spring, unless it’s out of the area. Then in the fall, it turns cold November 1st, which is why my events are usually in Sept. or Oct. . But if you were here for Camp Aint Gotta Clue, it snowed on us, in SEPTEMBER! Sooooooooo……. Clearly the weather can be an issue. Normally, I do try to avoid 3 day weekends but maybe it should be considered. I don’t know. I am looking for feedback.

In all honesty, I will probably do all three of these but in what order I am not sure and receiving people’s feedback is always nice.

So, drop an email or respond to the post, whichevs, whichevs.