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Read Thread: Shelter Island Yachts Box

Shelter Island Yachts Box
Board: State: New York
Aug 18, 2019 1:10pm
On Saturday, August 31, 2019, I will be replanting my Shelter Island Yachts letterbox. The original box was one of my first plants and first in New York in August 2009 and although the stamp was very nice, it was just a store-bought... I pulled the original box in January, for a RubberMaid container it held up nice but just wasn't very water resistant and the 2 freezer bags were pretty well done. The stamp and book were were damp and moldy.

So... I'm self-promoting my carves to be found and I kind of have spoiled what this stamp looks like, but Shelter Island (between Montauk and Orient Points on Long Island for those that don't know) is such a beautiful place to visit with lots of really nice things to do and see and not far from the Hamptons either. One third of the island is part of the Nature Conservancy with many trails and views and a very old family cemetery... but that isn't where the stamp is...!

Here is the link, in case you might want to visit:
Re: Shelter Island Yachts Box
Board: State: New York
Reply to: #978494 by Phoenix Rizing
Aug 18, 2019 2:18pm
Can’t wait to visit someday!