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Read Thread: Letterboxes on Interstate/Highway Search

by PI JoeProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
... The problem seems to be that custom locations are treated as mystery locations as the software geocoder does not know where a specific long/lat is located in the human world, as crazy as that sounds. I noticed that I had several boxes listed as mys...
by Oberon_KenobiProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
... That would explain why I haven't been notified about the new one in Utah. From the description given I should have been notified. I look forward to seeing where it is. Then I can plan a trip.
by EidolonProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
... Actually you just need to edit the custom location. I have done this about 10,000 times (or more; Ryan would have to run a query to see my total number of custom locations). Basically, save the coordinates as 50.655251, -3.977487 then click the p...
by Worlds WolfProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Ok, thanks! I didn't know that about custom location. Sometimes I don't know how great my clues are xD so I like to include the pin as a starting point. Haha.