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Re: Ignored boxes
Board: Letterboxing Help Desk
Reply to: #976347 by Janila
Jun 14, 2019 4:39pm
Well, the ignore button is perilously close to the watch box button. Sometimes I ignore a box, and later I question why after it showed up on Box Radar or something that drew my attention to it.

This is called "53 and tired."

I go to find it and realize it had a million attempts on LbNA when I'm home logging finds.

Or I reread the clues, "take your smelly hiker rear into the business, announce to the counter person why you are there. They will or will not fetch the box for you, and after you're done stamping, it will get awkward while you try to feign interest in the tchochke merchandise and pretend you're not going to leave without buying anything -- because you sorta owe them."

Or my favorite to date, true story: "go to such-and-such apartments. On the patio, under the big plant, is the box. Don't let the cat out, and the dog isn't nearly as scary as he looks. Try not to look toward the sliding glass door, or my grandpa, though blind, will see your shadow and shoot you without even leaving his easy chair." I may have made up the grandpa, but does it really matter?