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Read Thread: Pachaug Skyboxing - Green Fall Pond

Pachaug Skyboxing - Green Fall Pond
Board: Sky's the Limit
Jun 10, 2019 1:23pm
It seems that DEEP's Pachaug S.F. map has some errors that make navigation confusing...and the clues to that area reflect the park map. The errors bomb out Google Maps, for example.

Error 1: Correct: Green Fall
Incorrect: Green Falls (should not have an "s" at the end) (applies to the road, the pond, and the trail)

I found a history page that laments how often people put an s at the end of fall, with records going way back saying "Green Fall".

Error 2: Fish Road, where I parked recently, is labeled Green Falls Road on DEEP's map, so they have multiple Green Falls Roads (which again, should be "fall" and not "falls"). And again, that will bomb out Google Maps.

Error 3: The blue/orange blazes for Green Fall Pond Trail go all the way around the pond except maybe for the northern tip. DEEP's map shows the blazes only going part way and joining up with the Nehantic blue blazes, which they do, but there are both blue AND blue/orange blazes on the trees along the east shore.

CFPA's CT Walk Book definitely has the better map.

And by the way I planted three boxes in that area, one very close to the Sky 2019 box, so if anyone already printed out their clues in preparation for heading out to Pachaug, there are more boxes, specifically Narragansett Trail I did a 5-mile loop that included Green Fall Pond and the boxes there, planted the other three, and the mountain laurel in some sections to the north was unbelievable. Just beginning to open up. It should be spectacular in a week or so. The best area for laurel is up along the Pachaug-Nehantic Crossover, Laurel Loop trail, and portions of the Pachaug near those trails. Big long tunnels of blooming laurel over your head.