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Read Thread: Scouttrekkie anniversary!

by DSProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Tennessee
Hoorrraaayyyyyyy for Scouttrekkie !!!
by scouttrekkieProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Tennessee
Oh my gosh, thank you! I had to check what year it is and it's my 9th year! I really enjoyed boxing with you all and the crazy fun times. It's ashamed how fast time flies by whenever we're having such fun. Hope we get to cross paths soon to do it ag...
by RDHGProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Tennessee
Long time, no see! Happy nine years. I went looking for a box of yours in Pigeon Forge yesterday. There were so many thick and detailed and ornate spider webs -- with greenish spiders on them -- around the area. I could not bear to destroy them to...
by SpitFireProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Tennessee
Happy Anniversary to one of the best Letterboxers. Scouttrekkie, we had the best time in TN with you. Thank you so much for your hospitality and showing us around your letterboxing world up there. You have planted so many boxes for us to find and I tha...
by aMAZEing adventure frogProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Tennessee
Woo hoo! Way to go, Souttrekkie