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Read Thread: Plant Date for Reserved Boxes

Re: Plant Date for Reserved Boxes
Board: Suggestion Box
Reply to: #975323 by dingus dufus
May 19, 2019 10:26pm
Any "creation date" that falls outside the PAL "window" precludes a box from PAL consideration?


I'm not seeing an issue reserving an idea to work on over a period of time in hopes of creating a quality product and then executing the actual box during the PAL parameters.

I don't see an issue with that either--but it won't count as a PAL Day box because there were issues in the past with people who planted several dozen boxes over a period of months then activated all the boxes at once on PAL Day... which kind of defeats the whole purpose of PAL Day. So I stopped counting those, and the easiest way for me to identify boxes that were really planted long before PAL Day was the creation date.

If it knocks a few of the legitimate plants out from being counted.... Well, I made the rules clear. And if it's just a "placeholder" with a name, it's not hard for someone to delete the reserved listing and just create a fresh one.

But basically, it's a legacy from people abusing the system in years past. In fact, several of the rules were created due to past abuses.

-- Ryan