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Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Apr 14, 2019 8:18pm
So as I previously mentioned before, I can not wait to see Zac Efron's Ted Bundy. And since Amanda from Seattle mentioned YOU, a stalker series on Netflix, I figured I would check it out…. to fill the waiting void.

I finished the ten, 1 hour, episode series on Friday.And it's now Sunday as I needed time to think about my review.

I have to give fair warning, there are some spoilers, so please continue at your own caution. But to be fair, a 10 hour tv show vs 2 hr movie is far more in-depth and has way more moving parts; both of which, sometimes, can't be ignored.

YOU opens with a pretty young woman entering a book store and catching the eye of the book store manager. You are immediately given insight to Joe, the book store manager as he begins his narration of his thoughts, assumptions and opinions of the young woman, Guinevere Beck, aka Beck.

They flirt a little and since she asks for a book he reveres, Joe's instantly hooked. And the stalking begins.

In a short amount of time, Joe and the audience learns where she lives and how she is not very good at picking boyfriends. This also includes adult related scenario for all parties involved, unbeknownst to Beck and Benji. Anyhoooooo, the show continues as Joe follows Beck around and learns of her vain, self indulgent, millennial rich friends and how co-dependent Beck is of her bestie Peach. If you can't sense the disgust, trust me, it's there.

Then one night, as Joe has followed Beck to a Poetry bar, his position as back drop stalker shifts as Joe is forced to show himself in order to save Beck's life. In the interaction, Joe steals her cell phone and since it's connected to "The Cloud", even after she buys a new one, he still has access to any immediate information on her stolen phone.

Now, as her savior, Joe can engage and the story of all their lives begin.

Having provided the premise of this series, I want to talk about the characters. I say this because under no circumstance do I care about any of the adults, save for 100% Karen Mint and 30 (yes) -70 % (no) Joe Goldberg.

Wait, what????

Yes. You read that correctly.

So let's begin with Guinevere Beck, aka Beck, aka the "victim". I did not like her. I thought she was an idiot for taking Benji back. And more over, yes! Yes, she was a self-induced mess. She runs around blaming others for mis-managing her own crap and it's always someone's doing why she can't complete simple life stuff. And if that's not enough ….. I am going to use a 90's word here …. she is a major USER of every guy around her. AUGH. She looks sweet. She talks sweet but she basically yo-yo's Joe and his emotions (Not that I am defending a stalker/killer, here folks.) But there is something to be said about the mentality of the person who thinks they can treat anybody like this. Plus, she was a basic idiot regarding Peach.

So, since we are on the topic of manipulators and users, let's talk about PEACH. Rich, Bee-@TCH, Peach. Whereas Beck is manipulates and uses people, she does not do it on a level that doesn’t come from self loathing, and millennial entitlement. Peach on the other hand just sets up everyone around her to be at her beck and call and if any one dares disturbs her precious little ecosystem, she will end you. So, as YOU progresses, you get to see basically stalker vs stalker and how far people are willing to go to manipulate and use others. She is disgusting and frankly, she stayed too late at the party, and she needed to go.

Now let's talk about Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe is a bad person. Joe is stalker and a bad person. But the creators of the show threw in a BIG, a HUGE, a GINORMOUS wrench with little Paco. Paco is Joe's kid neighbor who stays in the hallway when her mother is doing drugs, or fighting with her abusive boyfriend or other adult related things. And it's in the hallway Joe usually finds Paco. Joe loves and treats Paco so well that in one episode, he gave up his favorite dinner to Paco. Joe also introduces Paco to the wonderful world of books, even "stealing/borrowing" a rare book for Paco. Joe loves Paco and it makes him human to audience. Soooo……. Joe is a bad person but still a good person. It's hard. It's like 30-70, folks. AND to be even more fair, Penn Badgley has these moments of puppy-brown-dog eyes that make you lose your stance against him. PLUS the fact that he is willing to "work through anything" to be with Beck, kinda makes you wavier your anti-bad guy position. Soooooo, again 30-70, folks.

Now on to "Little Karen Mint". Wow! What an insult for the ages! We get introduced to Karen Mint in later episodes and when she comes out, she comes out swinging, literally….. with a bat, literally. She is the one low-key person in the show and she almost goes unnoticed with two grand exceptions…. and they are pretty big: the break-up scene and her last conversation with Beck. But here's my problem with Karen. In her last conversation with Beck, she says "My get away from Joe key". Now this disturbs me. For one, Karen is pretty kick @ss, coming out with the bat. So……. I am baffled by this. What does Karen know about Joe. And if what she knows is about Joe is bad, why does a kick @ss person stay???? So, I went online to see what others thought of Karen's moment. The audiences apparently loved her. That did not help but I think maybe her coolness was her best power play because what she tells Beck basically takes Beck down.

Okay….. So, I talked about the characters. Now let's talk about why I am recommending this show. Well, for one, while you may not like the main characters, it does create drive to see what happens next. Benji. Stalker vs Stalker. The pee. Ron, the abusive boyfriend. Paco. This is the only reason why I loved Gone Girl. I had to see how it ended.

Two, because on some level, you will like Joe. Does this make me a bad person? For saying this? Possibly. Penn Badgley is near flawless as bad/good/stalker/killer guy. (Don't judge until you watch….)

Three because it does have a great supporting cast. Hell, Peach had to go because she was sooo evil, she was too evil. Karen. Paco. Ron. Ethan. Mr. Mooney.

But I will say, I did NOT appreciate the last conversation between Beck and Paco. Too far tv show creators. Too far!!!! But they don't care.

Also, final thought…. and no, I don't care if anyone does not believe me, I did not believe Joe killed Candace. Being honest, this belief did waiver slightly in some moments but overall, even after everything that had happened, I was not convinced. It was something Joe said about looking to masters about killing that made me doubt Candace's demise.

Anyhooooo…… apparently this series was so well received on Netflix, they have completed Season 2 already.

So, while no Kitty Paw count, I do highly recommend YOU.

Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Reply to: #974168 by Captain Slick Kitty
Apr 15, 2019 3:09am
Also it is a book ! So check tha out too for all you readers out there and you can compare and contrast.

Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Reply to: #974168 by Captain Slick Kitty
Apr 15, 2019 11:02am
Oh no. i read the first few paragraphs and decided to take a look. I'm 14:21 into the first episode and I am hooked. Given that I was a financial investigator for two very large firms, it is amazing what the internet will tell you about someone so for the time being, it does not surprise me at all that Joe has found out what he has.

One of my biggest 'victories' is when two coworkers came back from New Orleans and had the just first name of a cute guy they met and wanted to know if I could "find him". I told them I'd try. With what they told me, I was able to locate his Facebook, age, finace's name, address, life history of where he had lived, what he made, what he drove, etc. and the picture of the house he currently lived in. They were stunned. I win!
Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Reply to: #974184 by thndrkttn
Apr 15, 2019 11:56am
It really makes you think about all the information that you share online and how easy it would be for someone to use that information against you
Board: Television: After the Show Ends
Reply to: #974186 by Amanda from Seattle
Apr 15, 2019 12:10pm
It really makes you think about all the information that you share online and how easy it would be for someone to use that information against you

For instance, after spending several hours digging deep into Social Media and the Dark Web, using my keen intellect and skills in interpreting massive amounts of information, I have gleaned that you, Amanda... ARE FROM SEATTLE!