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Re: New Box Listings
Board: Stupider Questions About Letterboxing
Reply to: #973095 by wassamatta u
Mar 23, 2019 11:13am
Your theory was half correct.... The Go button loads by default, then I have it hide itself after the page is fully loaded.

AQ creates "hooks" that will make the form reload automatically when anything in it changes, but for slow-loading pages (usually those with a lot of finds), it can take several seconds. I left the Go button in place because without it, changing the form wouldn't cause the page to reload since the hooks aren't in place yet.

I thought leaving the Go button there would still allow people to click it to manually change the form before those hooks are created. Apparently, though, there are reports that that's not happening--which would be a bug. It's supposed to allow the form to work before the hooks are in place.

Once the hooks are in place, though, the JavaScript will remove the button because it's unnecessary and redundant since the page will reload whenever something in the form changes.

It also allows the page to be used even if someone has disabled JavaScript in their browser. The hooks use JavaScript so without JavaScript, there wouldn't be a way to submit the form. But without JavaScript, the button won't be removed either so the form is still usable. (This is much less a problem, though.)

At least until I can take a look at the problem (not this week), the easiest solution is to wait until the page has fully loaded (the Go button disappears) then change a form option.

On an unrelated note, I see several people complaining that the page loads slower and question that my changes could possibly make queries run faster when the pages seemingly load slower. The queries are running faster for two reasons despite your observations.

  1. A lot of the work to load the page is your browser rendering the content. This is work that your computer is doing--not AQ. When you have tens of thousands of finds to display, your browser will take a lot longer to render it so it will seem legitimately slower to you. But from AQ's point of view, it's vastly faster. AQ is basically just sending the data in nearly a raw format and lets your browser do the heavy lifting.
  2. Without paginated results, people don't have to click through multiple pages to find a result. Previously, you might have had 20 pages of results but wanted to find the page that shows results of boxes that started with an "S". So you'd guess.... Maybe it was page 15? Nope, that wasn't the right page--maybe page 13? Whoops, missed again. Ah, there it is! Page 14! That's 4 times AQ had to run your logbook query--processing all of the tens of thousands of finds--to show your page of results. With the results on a single page, you click once and you're done. You don't have AQ run the same queries multiple times to find your listing.

So... that's why the pages work like they do. I know the pages load slower for large number of finds--but AQ does run faster which was my primary goal with the update.

-- Ryan