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Read Thread: How is that Power Plant Challenge going?

Re: How is that Power Plant Challenge going?
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #974412 by LadyRisa
Apr 21, 2019 5:39pm
I am on board with the ideas in Munkeybee's post, but the bottom line for me is, please do not widely announce a challenge and not mention until later that the prize will have to be paid for. Don't change the rules of the end date.
I am delayed in getting outside and planting the ten I have prepared for the challenge, so my question now would be, can I simply wait 2 weeks when I am not so busy - then get them planted and mail away to pay for the patch? - just let me know, cause I'd love to have the patch.
Heck, I have only a few weeks next to figure out my few potential plants intended for PAL Day.
I am only mildly sympathetic to the expense of the patches/pathtags because again, that needed to be considered in advance!
Some time back I purchased a 300 bulk amount of First Finder patches (from papertrail's design) so I could have as many as I needed personally and ultimately have been selling them barely above cost and I pay for the postage. I knew the expense going in - no guarantee on 'sales' also no regrets.
At many events I've attended, it has been apparent to me that the donations and raffles (from donated items) pretty well compensate the expense of the event. This is a wonderful thing - especially so for the hard work of the organizers putting together a great event we can all enjoy.
I'll make a donation if I end up planting by the end of this month, but also am hopeful it has been a learning experience for the promoters.
Please be thoughtful and don't promote a challenge you can't or won't be able to stand up to.
Happy Easter to all!
Re: How is that Power Plant Challenge going?
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #974412 by LadyRisa
Apr 26, 2019 2:14pm
I just got my 10th one planted today. I did it! Yea!
This was a great experience, and really forced me to get it done.
I still have about 5-6 more that I have carved and sitting in reserve. Now to get those out on the trail.m

Thanks again for the challenge!