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Read Thread: A Vampire Called

by ElleProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
A vampire called me on the phone and wanted me to come over. They said they needed my type. What should I do?
by Sleeps In SocksProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Make an appointment at noon in the garden. ;)
by shutterbug2012ProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Tell them "O"-my
by Oberon_KenobiProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
You could always offer him a stake dinner.
by Grrly GirlProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Set the table with your best china and silverware. If a vampire can't go out in the sun (not counting the recent spate of hunky vampires on TV) and the moon is reflecting sunlight, why can they be out at night in the moonlight?
by KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Because vampires aren't real and you're overthinking this ;) Back when people thought they were real, they also thought the sun was orbiting the earth and the moon was made of cheese. My favorite vampire movie is now going to be a series on FX. Can't...