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Read Thread: Event - How Far is Too Far?

by photopamProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Texas
Hearne would work for us, if it is at a time we are available. It's close to the in-laws, so we could easily stay there. Events are the only way I can get my kids to box anymore... 🙃
by JanilaProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Texas
... Same here except we drove from PA to Las Vegas then back east to Tarpon Springs, FL, for another event before driving back to PA. If the event is interesting enough, I don't hesitate to travel for it.
by jlsd0218ProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Texas
Not sure how many hours you will be willing to drive, but I have an event coming up with 70 stamps plus event boxes! I will be heading to NC next week myself for a fishing trip! It's a 6.5 hour drive for us...
by CherryontopProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Texas
I would say 1.5 to 2 hour drive sounds doable for a day event. I enjoy the option of overnight & boxing the next day to finish finding boxes that couldn't be found the first day :)