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Read Thread: Ima little slow to the party...

Re: Ima little slow to the party...
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Reply to: #972372 by Green Tortuga
Mar 5, 2019 7:16pm
[...] when I finish the Jordan Trail.

You know, after you finish the Jordan Trail you can come to Utah and hike the Jordan River Trail. You even can hike off-road all of the way from Utah Lake to Hinkley Drive in Ogden. You could do it in one day since it is fairly level, though not your typical hike.

You can even take another day and hike the trail around Ogden: Start at Cottonwood Drive by the Weber River, hike to the confluence with the Ogden River, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to Beus Creek, and all of the way to Ogden Peak (9,579 feet or 2,920 m) and down the other side. Once in the mountains you can even camp. Again, not your typical hike, but there are many trails in our mountains.

Come to Utah, and take a hike!