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Read Thread: Latest Logbook Updates

by BBStackerProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
... Safe travels and those of us on W4F will be looking for this exciting new trail when you're done with it.
by J WalkersProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Thank you oh so much! td
by RocklunProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Thanks, Ryan! Even though you separated the unlisted finds, I still prefer this iteration to the "new and improved" iteration. And I really like having all of the AQ-listed finds on a single page! Have a good trip!
by WronghatProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
I can't help but think that the slow computer times are the result of Public Hand and Dbare finding so many letterboxes. The solution to slow computer times without twerking with everyone's logbook is obvious--off with their heads.
by TopcollectorProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
This is great. I had been thinking when all the complaints were coming in, that in a couple months when more people start boxing in the good weather and logging finds and didn't catch the conversation, the whole thing was going to start over. It stil...
by Oberon_KenobiProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
... I don't want anybody twerking with my logbook. I don't know why you'd want that! ;-)
by EvermoreProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Thanks for all you do for all of us. You said that you were making everyone mad anyway and I think that is hyperbole because many of us didn't comment on this logbook discussion because we would be content with whatever you did! I'm grateful for your e...