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Read Thread: How long does it take you?

Re: How long does it take you?
Board: Stamp Carving and Mounting
Reply to: #971436 by RDHG
Feb 14, 2019 2:17am
Sorry, I was being short with my wording. I use Staz-on in the color of mustard to seal my marker lines in and see what I am carving away. I press my stamp onto a paper towel several times to get the excess off.

Yeah, so say you are looking at the rubber from the thin side. Imagine the * is a black line or something. Another words, I am not carving that part away. I angle my knife like this on each side of it to give the black line better structure (or “supporting rubber”): /*\ Then I go in again at another angle to get the rubber out, so like this: \ /*\ / I also stab the loose rubber with the tip of the knife to lift it out of the stamp and use my pinky to flick it off into a small “lock-n-lock” type container I keep (to make less mess).

Did any of that make sense or was it completely confusing?