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Read Thread: Friday Distraction: How Big Will You Go?

Re: Friday Distraction: How Big Will You Go?
Board: Stamp Carving and Mounting
Reply to: #970763 by Phoenix Rizing
Jan 28, 2019 7:31pm
Let's take a little trip back in time...

Back in 2006, I had just recently started doing Postals. PZKut was in its heyday, and as a fairly new carver, I was very thankful for Webfoot and her dedication to providing us with a quality product. One fine day, Webfoot was discussing Stampeaz in a post. And the intrepid ArtGekko responded.

This gave me an idea...

A bunch of like-minded (read: equally goofy) carvers and I decided to make a Tribute Stamp, to thank Webfoot for her tireless (pun intended) work. It was to be a surprise, but in order to list it, I hid it in plain site in the trackers as PM43530 , which was code for "Post Message #43530", the messageboard post number of ArtGekko's post.

What was it? A full sheet of Orange PZKut, where we carved a full-slab "Stampeaz Bus" with large windows, and sent the slab around to each of the participants, who would carve their SigStamps into an empty window. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first Full-Slab Postal. Once completed, we (we = ArtGekko doing the actual work and me egging her on) made stamped copies of the completed image for each participant, and sent the slab (and logbook) to Webfoot. Surprise!

I have since done (participated in) other full-slab carvings, but this was the first. As far as I know.