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Read Thread: Soup's On Seeks Carvers

by nosoxProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Event News and Planning
This year my family is hosting our ninth annual Soup's On event in November. We invite boxers to the Western MA region for the day to box, then we have a potluck of crock pot soups for dinner and more boxing in the woods around our home. The theme this...
by mudflinginfoolsProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Event News and Planning
I joined - I'll figure out what I'm going to carve after next weekend ;)
by DarkZen and Evil Cow PieProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Event News and Planning
I’ll probably join and contribute after I get some of the trackers I’ve signed up for carved! 😜
by Basset MomProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Event News and Planning
Ditto. Not sure which tracker(s) I'll "fall" into but will help out.