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Read Thread: Spoiler tags?

Re: Spoiler tags?
Board: Letterboxing Help Desk
Reply to: #969218 by Green Tortuga
Dec 9, 2018 8:56am
I should also point out.... The spoiler tag is something that's embedded into the wiki/html markups, so it actually works anywhere you can type in wiki/html markup. Including AQ mail and clues....

Just sayin'.... ;o)

Although there are caveats about how well it works in certain situations. Printed material, for instance, nothing gets hidden, so if you use it in a clue, the spoiler doesn't get hidden in the printed version of it. If someone has AQ mail forwarded to a real email address, the spoiler won't be hidden in the email. It'll only work when the markup is viewed directly on AQ.

-- Ryan