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Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969783 by Angel Winks
Dec 31, 2018 4:43am
Store bought stamp =1
Store bought stamp in a really great place or with a hand made logbook = 2
Hand carved stamp obviously just thrown together and "dumped" for a plant = 2
Hand carved stamp in average hide = 3
Hand carved stamp in average hide with hand made logbook = 4
Fabulous hand carved stamp and fabulous logbook in fabulous place = 5
This is my guideline but I think through each find to come up with my score for a box.
I do most 3's some 4's and a few 5's
Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969783 by Angel Winks
Dec 31, 2018 6:36am
You can view your Rating Statistics:

By giving some boxes a 1 or a 2, your not saying those are bad letterboxes. It's not a thumbs down. Just in terms of awesomeness, was it really awesome, great, good, fair, or just okay? I've found some that were just okay [honestly, I've found some that were actually somewhat disappointing. There, I said it.]
Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969783 by Angel Winks
Dec 31, 2018 1:04pm
How do you all decide what deserves a 5, 4, 3, 2, and a 1?

This is an interesting question, and there are probably almost as many answers as there are letterboxers. When this was discussed on the boards several years ago, I remember one person saying something along the lines of she awarded 0 points or 1 point in each of 5 categories, something like hand-carved stamp, handmade logbook, good container, good clues, and interesting hike. She then tallied the points to arrive at her rating. My thought was, "wow, I don't do it like that at all."

My ratings are more subjective. I definitely will rate higher for hand-carved than store-bought, and I can't imagine ever giving a 5 to a store-bought stamp. But if the store-bought stamp has clever clues and at least ties in to the surroundings I'll rate it higher than I would otherwise. I'll also rank boxes that involve an experience higher than a drive-by. Again, I rarely will give a drive-by a 5 even if it's an amazing carve.

I see that currently my average rating is 3.16, with a distribution of 7% 5s, 24% 4s, 47% 3s, 21% 2s, and 1% 1s. I'll give a 3 to an average box. For a 4, the box has to have something special--a really good carve or creative clues or something. Fives are the remarkable boxes that bring everything together, the ones I'll always remember. A two would be a subpar box--not much effort went into it. Ones are rare, but I might give a one if I thought the box was placed where you might hurt yourself retrieving it (e.g. a lumber pile with exposed nails), or if it was just disappointing all the way around, like a random store-bought stamp placed behind a dumpster.
Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969181 by Angel Winks
Dec 31, 2018 5:33pm
Happy New Year, Michigan and followers of the Michigan Board!

I just put 3 grandchildren to bed after a night of playing and it's going to be an early night for me. No watching the ball drop at midnight.

However, I wanted to pass on what I've been reading about on the Letterbox Chatter board. I have to say that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if there were more letterboxes planted in Michigan! So who is up for the challenge of getting 10 boxes planted by April 30? Of course, you could be an overachiever and try for 50...

Anyway, I thought I'd throw it out there.

Angel Winks
*who loves letterboxing in Michigan

"Nov 17, 2018: Power Plant Challenge
Calling all letterboxers: It's time to plant more boxes!

On the looooong ride back from L&B, fellow boxers and I were discussing the future of letterboxing in North Carolina and decided:
1. We want to be able to find more letterboxes in NC
2. Newer letterboxers would be attracted to letterboxing if they don't strike out on their first few searches due to older MIA boxes

Therefore - we have created a Power Plant challenge! We challenge all letterboxers to plant 10 traditional boxes in the next six months. Imagine - if even 10 boxers accepted the challenge - that would be 100 new boxes. If 40 boxers did it, 400 new boxes in the state for everyone to enjoy! Even if planting is not your favorite part of letterboxing - the only way to get new boxes (and boxers) is to plant - so let's all plant together!

~ Of course, there are prizes ~
Participants who plant at least ten traditional permanent plants between Nov. 1 and April 30 will receive a Power Planter Patch.
Participants who plant at least 50 traditional permanent plants between Nov. 1 and April 30 will receive a Power Planter Path tag.
There will be special recognition and a grand prize (TBD) for the participant who plants the most traditional permanent plants during this six month period.

~ Quality is important ~
While this is a planting challenge, it's important to still think through your permanent plant - don't just toss boxes out and hope for the best. Plant boxes in locations you would be able to check on, are safe from muggle meddling, and will hopefully be around for quite a while. Drive by, long hike, easy clue, challenging puzzle - and all shapes and sizes of letterboxes in between - those details are up to you. You could do a series or individual boxes. Since the goal is to increase our permanent plants in the state, these boxes should be permanent, not temporary or just for events.

~ Other details: boxers and boxes everwhere are welcome!
Anyone can participate - even boxers in other states
You can plant anywhere - even other states (letterboxing while traveling is a grand adventure)!

~ OK - you're IN - how to participate:
1. Send me an AQ message to let me know you want to participate! You can contact me at any time during our six month challenge.
2. Plant at least ten boxes (or way more) over the next six months (Nov. 1 through April 30, 2019).
3. We will recognize all participants at the big GeekFest event in Raleigh at the start of May. You do not need to be present to participate (but we know you want to come to this huge event). We will share all the participants who qualify for the patch and pathtag, and announce the grand prize winner. If you are not able to attend GeekFest, we will send you your patch/path tag through snailmail.

Let me know if you have any questions, and plant on, NC! (Super Hedge Hoggie)

Power Plant Challenge brought to you by:
Airstream Dreams
Mouse Nanny
Sudoku Crazy
Super Hedge Hoggie"
Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969832 by Angel Winks
Jan 1, 2019 10:43am
I saw this and thought it'd be a great idea! 10 may be a stretch by April, but I'll think about it! I have ideas of boxes to carve, but limited ideas of places to plant! Ack!
Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969832 by Angel Winks
Jan 4, 2019 1:20am
I was looking at that when SuperHedgeHoggie posted about it.

I'm tempted, but haven't really had the energy to carve or plant. Haven't planted or carved in well over a year. Heck, I have three or four stamps carved for your area since 2012, since before moving to North Carolina, but haven't ever gotten around to figuring out a place for them.
Although, it looks like Nic wants to go that way for his 40th in a couple of months to show me his individual tour of GR when he lived there in 2015/16. Don't know if there will be any letterboxing on that trip, but a week later will be my 10 year anniversary as a letterboxer.
Re: Letterboxing Conversations
Board: State: Michigan
Reply to: #969321 by Dawnkey
Mar 27, 2019 5:16am
I just wanted to let you all know how enjoyable and helpful these conversations in the "non-letterboxing" months were to me. One thing I did was to set up my tags and that has been just great. I've used one tag for Locations Needed and then when I feel like digging deeper into solving a mystery location, I can easily find the boxes.

I've also used one for Puzzles to Solve and then solve them when I'm bored with the Netflix series we're watching :).

But the most fun I've had with tags has been an idea from use tags for Last Finder. Then I've also created a search for that and then I added it to my custom menu (under Letterboxes) to be sorted by last found. So every couple of days I do a quick click on that and find out if someone has found a box in which I was the last finder. If so, I get rid of the tag quickly, but it's also fun to see who is out and about letterboxing.

The other tag LaLaBirds suggested was Last to Attempt. So I've created that and then when I do a quick check I can see if someone else found it. If so, I delete my attempt, kick myself for not finding it, and I know I need to go and look again.

Anyway, there were so many great ideas shared, and I had a good time personalizing my page with your ideas. Happy boxing, everyone! I've been working on planting my Letterboxing Memories boxes and hope some of you find them in this year to come. Three boxes/series are done and I have seven to go!